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The BLV has a circulation of 1950 copies per edition, which are hand-delivered to residents and businesses in Callander.

Six editions are published per year: February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, and December/January. Advertising in the BLV is highly effective, and our prices are very competitive.

If you would like to advertise in the Ben Ledi View then please download the BLV Media Pack, which provides information about our rates, advertising deadlines, publication dates and some simple technical details about sizes and quality. In the event of any issues with the download, please request a copy of the Media Pack by emailing

To place an advert, please contact our advertising co-ordinator, Nina Taylor, by emailing

Please note, like most publications, payment must be made in advance of the publication, otherwise we will not print your advert.

There is a trade section at the back of the magazine with other adverts placed on pages throughout the magazine - we will try and accommodate your requirements whenever possible.

You can also sponsor an issue and have a company banner on the front page and a strap line on alternate pages inside, or you may prefer to write an advertorial piece advertising your business. Again, the media pack provides information or you can email

We value your custom - the Ben Ledi View is funded by its advertisers so a big THANK YOU from us all.

Ben Ledi View Ad Dimensions

The Ben Ledi View's ad sizes are as follows:


Size 1: 5cm single column



Size 2: 5cm double column



Size 4: 10.5cm single column



Size 5:



Size 7: Full page (print area)



BLV ad artwork

  • All ad artwork must be submitted in high, print-quality PDF or jpg format, regardless of which app it was created in.
  • Images should be set to output at minimum 300dpi.
  • Colour is output to CMYK format (Coated FOGRA 39, ISO 12647-2:2004).

Email and downloads

Please email you advert to

A note about file names and delivery

Please always include the name of the advertiser and the publication date in your file name.

IF YOUR FILE IS TOO BIG TO EMAIL, just use one of the many free online FTP services to send your ad to our advertising department at the address given on the BLV’s website.



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